Tiny Blessings!!! Our Gift For Those Lil’ Ones

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” – Henry Ward Beecher Kids add a charm and happiness in our lives with their adorable innocence and uncanny curiosity.These little ones are glitters of everyone’s eyes. India has a long-lasting tradition of designing jewellery for children. It is believed that certain goldand gemstones …

Bridal Jewellery: Shop your way through

After the gruesome year of weddings being cancelled and postponed, when would-be brides werenot able to show the full glory of their wedding attire, 2021 seems to be a promising one. As the vaccines roll out, limitations pertaining to weddings have been relaxed. Brides are out on the streets, searching markets for that one piece …

Gorgeous Celebrity Diamond Earrings to Pair Up

Diamonds! – A word that describes bling, quality, and class all at once, is one of the mostcelebrated stones in jewellery designs. Besides adding a touch of elegance and panache, diamondsbring out confidence and style for everyone. Diamond jewellery has been a popular choice amongst women. They have been seen adorningthemselves with Diamonds for weddings, …

Kalichdis- The Story Of Small Sparkling Diamond Rings!

Walking in the banquet hall of a wedding, a man sees a small ring rolling towards his feet. As hebends to pick it up a girl comes up to him.She says, “Thank you for picking up my Kalichdi”.“What is a Kalichdi?” he asks her, curious about its significance.So, she tells him the story of Kalichdis- …


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