Picking out engagement rings is not the easiest task in the world. There are many, many different aspects you have to consider before settling on the perfect ring. You have to think about what kind of stone you want as the centerpiece, what kind of setting you want, how the diamond should be cut, and so on. This is just the beginning, as there are colored diamonds, different ring sizes, and even different ways to set the stone. By having a cheat sheet by your side when you are looking at engagement rings, you can be rest assured knowing that you will have an easier time shopping. When you are not as stressed about choosing an engagement ring, you will be able to choose one that makes everyone happy. 

Knowing What to Look for in the Diamond

Since many people choose to have a diamond as the centerpiece, due to the diamond’s importance and significance in traditional engagement and wedding rings, you should have a good idea on how to pick out a diamond. There are a few things to pay attention to. First things first, you should know about the four Cs. This refers to the grading of different aspects of the diamond itself, and it will help you know what goes into the price of the diamond as well. Those four Cs stand for cut, clarity, carat, and color. 

The cut of the diamond is referring to how well polished and how well manufactured the diamond is. This is arguably the most important aspect to consider and generally neglected out of the four Cs, so if you have to prioritize, this should be your go-to after colour. The cut ratings go from Excellent to Very Good (VG) to Very Poor (VP). The cut of your diamond can affect its appearance, making it look bland, unappealing, and small. In some cases, it can make the diamond look dimmer than it actually is. 

The clarity of the diamond refers to the amount of inclusions in the diamond itself and how badly they affect the appearance. Some women are understanding and okay with a few small inclusions, whereas other women do not want to see any inclusions at all. Of course, the clarity will affect the price of the diamond, so this is something to consider. Clarity ranges are the following: IF, VVS1-VVS2, VS1-VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, and I3 with IF being the best and I3 being the worst. If meaning internally flawless.

The carat of the diamond, of course, refers to the size and quality of the mineral. A higher carat is going to be larger and higher quality than a smaller one. It can also affect fluorescence, which is when diamonds glow slightly under ultraviolet light. The higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond will be as well, so keep this in mind when you are searching. That's because we loose approximately 35-45% of the diamond weight in the manufacturing process.

Finally, the color of the diamond obviously refers to the diamond’s tinting, if any. Usually, the lower color ratings have a yellow hue to them, which is not always the most appealing to look at. However, these are going to be considerably less expensive than the completely pure white diamonds at the top of the list. The color grade starts at D and then alphabetically goes to Z. We recommend H to J grades, although it is a personal decision. 

Knowing What to Choose for the Placement of the Diamond

When all is said and done, engagement rings are not just about the diamond centerpiece, but how that centerpiece looks with the rest of the ring. Some women choose to go for solitaires, which is just one single diamond in the middle of the ring. Other women go for more extravagant displays. What matters is that you choose an engagement ring that leaves both your budget and your partner happy. As you might be able to imagine, engagement rings for women that are more extravagant and have extra features are going to be more expensive than the solitaires. Do keep in mind that the more diamonds you add to a ring, the more risk there is of having something happen to one of the diamonds and it needing repairs. 

Knowing Where to Search for Diamonds

Finally, when you know what you want from your diamond engagement ring and you know how you want the placement and setting to look, you will need to think about where you want to shop. Some people choose to shop online for the ease of access. Other people choose to shop in stores so that they can see the engagement rings in person. In many, many ways, choosing to go to a jewelry store is going to be the best thing that you can do for yourself. Not only will you be able to see everything in person, but you will also be able to talk to the jewelers in the store. 

Being able to talk with a jeweler is another one of the most important aspects of picking out an engagement ring. This means that you will be able to talk to me, Sanjay Kalsi, about what kind of gem is best for your engagement ring. If you have any questions about what will look best, or how the four Cs work, I would be more than happy to help you at our shop, J.D. Solitaire. Being well-informed about a product is always the best thing, especially when you are making a purchase as important as an engagement ring. 


Author: Mr. Sanjay Kalsi, Gemologist, Founder of JD Solitaire.

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