10 Popular Shapes of Solitaire's

When most people think of diamonds, they immediately think of round stones in an engagement ring. While a round shape is one of the most popular diamond shapes that couples can opt for when shopping for engagement rings for women, it is only one of the many choices out there. Choosing the right shape is key to picking a timeless ring that a woman will love. 

1. Round

This is, by far, the most popular shape, especially for engagement rings. It does a great job reflecting light, which means that even medium quality diamonds will look very shiny and sparkly. Because of this, it’s generally fairly easy to find a round diamond in most any budget, which is perfect for all couples. With so many facets and so much light reflection, these diamonds tend to look great, no matter what size they are. 

2. Marquise

This is a much longer diamond and is shaped almost like a eye. The long shape of it matches the length of the finger, which makes women’s hands and fingers look much thinner and longer. This longer shape also gives it the illusion of a larger size. It has a very large surface area, which really helps it to sparkle and ensures that it looks impressive on any hand. 

3. Princess Cut

This is a slightly fancier shape than a round cut diamond, and is incredibly popular. Part of the reason that it is so popular is because the shape allows it to be flexible and to work with most any style engagement ring. They come in square shapes and emit a color that is unique, as is shown in the corners as well as in the middle of the diamond. 

4. Pear Shaped

A gorgeous combination of marquise and round diamonds, this gorgeous shape has a tapered point on one end and is round and full on the other. The best looking pear shaped diamonds will be as symmetrical as popular, and the point should line up perfectly with the thicker apex on the other end of the stone. 

5. Cushion

Another name for this cut is the “pillow cut,” as it does look like the diamond has been cut into the shape of a pillow. They feature rounded corners and significantly larger facets than other types of cuts, which makes them much more brilliant and gives them incredible clarity. They can be cut into square or rectangular shapes, depending on the size of the stone and the woman’s preference. 

6. Oval

The elongated shape of an oval diamond makes it look much larger than it actually is, which is great for women who value size. It doesn’t have the same pointed ends as the marquise cut does, which gives it a much softer look. Thanks to the way that this stone is cut, it is very bright and flashy and has a lot of brilliance. 

7. Emerald

This stone looks very unique, partly because of the step cuts that are in the sides. It has a large and open top, which produces a very interesting look. Rather than being very sparkly, like diamonds that are cut with lots of facets, this stone has dark and light planes that play together with the light. It does a great job showcasing the clarity of the stone. 

8. Asscher 

This cut is commonly mistaken for an emerald cut since it looks so similar, but there are a few main differences that immediately become obvious upon inspection. The square shape sets it apart from the rectangular emerald cut. It has larger step facets with a smaller top and a higher crown, resulting in a more brilliant appearance. 

9. Heart 

Everyone can easily recognize this shape. It’s a modified diamond cut that is very popular with romantics. Due to the way that the diamond is cut to be in this shape, only larger diamonds will really work. The shape can be difficult to perceive when smaller diamonds are cut into a heart. For this reason, choosing a larger stone to start with is important and will prevent the heart shape from disappearing when cut. 

10. Radiant Cut

This is a rectangular diamond that has been cut to allow for a brilliant facet pattern on both the pavilion and the crown of the stone. The end result is lively and sparkling, making the diamond look very vibrant. It’s a great mix between the princess and the cushion cut, and looks great no matter if it has square or rounded corners, giving women a lot of freedom with this cut. 

Any of these great diamond shapes are perfect to be used in engagement rings for women. They are attractive, allow the diamond to sparkle, and can express the personality of the woman lucky enough to wear the ring. Come see me, Sanjay Kalsi at J D Solitaire, for help choosing the right shape for your diamond ring.

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