Beyond Four C's in Diamond

By now most people know about the four Cs that they need to consider when shopping for diamonds. While the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the stone play a huge role not only in how much it will cost, but also how great it looks, there are other things that are just as important to consider. Knowing what else to look for when shopping will help any couple shopping for solitaire engagement diamond rings find a great ring. Going beyond the four Cs when shopping helps couples ensure that they are making a good choice with their purchase and that the ring they buy will exceed their expectations.

The Importance of a Certificate

Even though most people consider the four Cs to the be the most important factors when shopping for solitaire engagement diamond rings, the certificate of a diamond plays a huge role in its overall quality and how much the diamond is actually worth. When a diamond has a certificate of quality and authenticity, then this paper will state the quality and attributes of the diamond, giving buyers peace of mind about the quality of stone that they’re purchasing.

When obtaining a diamond with a certificate, people will want to make sure that they only get a certificate from a reputable and reliable jeweler. Since minor differences in the cut, color, and clarity ratings of a diamond can have a huge impact on the stone’s price, it’s imperative to only obtain a certificate from someone trustworthy. This will ensure that the diamond’s rating is correct, that it is worth the price being charged, and that it really is as nice as people think.

Buying a diamond with a certificate is a great way for buyers to protect themselves and to make sure that they are getting the high-quality stone that they want. Reputable jewelers will offer certificates on their diamonds, making it easier than ever for buyers to rest easy knowing that they have made a good choice.

How the Shape Matters

The shape of a diamond is more than simply the personal preference of the person shopping. Women often pay attention to the shape of a diamond because they have an idea in their head of what shape they like best and which one they feel will look nicest on their finger. While it’s important to consider the shape of a diamond for this reason, it also plays a role in other ways.

The shape of a diamond plays a huge role in how it looks on the finger, but it also affects how much sparkle and shine it gets. A great diamond can be cut perfectly, ensuring that it is showcased to look as nice as possible, but when cut into the wrong shape, a diamond simply won’t look as great as it would when in another shape. Most reputable jewelers take this into consideration when cutting the diamond, as the right cut will allow the light to bounce off of the diamond, but some women prefer certain types of cuts, no matter what the diamond’s shape should be. It’s important for anyone shopping for a diamond ring to talk to the jeweler and make sure that they opt for a cut that will look great on their hand and showcases the beauty of the diamond, no matter how many facets it has, their alignment, and other factors that come into play with the cut.

Look for Additional Characteristics

Finally, when shopping for solitaire engagement diamond rings, people need to make sure to take into consideration any other characteristics that can come into play. These are not as commonly talked about as the four Cs, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less important. Finding a jeweler who will discuss these characteristics is key to choosing the right diamond without a lot of hassle.

The fluorescence grade, the culet, and the girdle thickness all come into play when choosing a diamond and making sure that it is a high-quality option that will look great when on a ring. Additionally, shoppers should consider the polish and symmetry grades. When choosing diamonds that have a clarity of SI1 or lower, it’s important that the certificate doesn’t mention comments about other inclusions in the diamond that may not be shown on the diagram.

While the four Cs of diamonds should be considered when shopping, they are not the most important things for buyers to bear in mind. A certificate is imperative and puts people’s mind at ease that the diamond they are buying is as high quality as it claims. The shape of the diamond, while a personal preference, will also help to showcase the beauty of the stone. Finally, knowing the importance of additional characteristics and what to look for will ensure that buyers are happy with their new diamond. Visit me, Sanjay Kalsi, an accredited gemologist, at J D Solitaire, for help.