Gold Rate Prediction

Gold is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after commodities and it has well-established and mature markets globally, especially when we talk about investable assets. It has been a critical commodity in the past and has major usage in jewelry.

Gold functions as a safe haven asset, something that shifts anti-correlation to the traditional markets. That indicates the commodity is an excellent hedge over financial difficulties. Nonetheless, it’s also an asset, which has demonstrated a solid and steady growth in value for a very long period.

You see, gold isn’t an asset susceptible to massive price hikes or hike volatility. Instead, it’s considered to be growing as its market and uses keep developing. Moreover, gold is a scarce asset, but with an undefined supply. That means the markets are worth watching.

Gold Rate Prediction for the Future

Gold has been perceived as a treasured asset for many centuries, making it more in demand and desired. The market has developed to be what it is now. Its current state is a rather stable and mature.

Did you know that the gold price is typically quoted in US dollars? The market is also considered to move when both the value of the dollar declines and when the bond and stock markets are in decline. Apart from that, it flourishes as a safe haven asset, as it does not only move differently to other markets, but it also holds its value quite well and grows delicately.

What Factors Influence the Rates of Gold?

As mentioned, gold has an established and mature market. Hence, you will find different aspects when distinguishing its rate and how it’s influenced. On top of that, gold is a unique asset, unlike bonds and stocks, which make it, function contrarily. Gold also serves as a hedge, meaning one should consider the factors, which influence other assets differently.

Some of the factors you need to consider are the following:

  • Future gold demand
  • Weakening dollar
  • Geopolitical factors
  • Pandemic Health Emergency
  • War
  • Protection against volatility
  • Consumption demand

Keep in mind that consumption demand has to do with the applications of gold as an asset detached from its market. The demand for this asset keeps shifting. It has been increased as electronics suppliers have noticed the use of gold in their properties for conductivity in the past.

Indeed, gold is consumed in jewellery as well. You will find massive drives in demand even from international governments looking for gold as a store of value stored in central banks. Take note that it’s an asset helping with protection over volatility. You will find a demand for this asset from folks who seek to safeguard themselves from uncertainty and volatility.

Inflation and gold also work hand in hand as the former is a way money can devalue. When that takes place, people would have their money stored in something that would increase value, such as gold.

Even the prediction rate for gold for the following ten years looks promising for the asset. That’s because the general gold prediction stays that its value will increase, particularly there’s a financial calamity impending, and everyone noticed what occurred in the ten years after 2008.

Dohmen Capital Research sees the 2008 global crises as a good illustration. Gold jumped thirty-one percent as credit constricted, the crises augmented, and a flash to cash from every asset started. That was throbbing for bulls who aren’t aware that a credit disaster causes every asset to drop. On the good side, it also made an excellent buying opportunity at the lowest.

Gold is an excellent resource, which has an undefined, but scarce supply. That supply is often declining, meaning the demand will keep growing together with the price. Furthermore, the factors that influence the rate prediction of gold will only get much relevant with the current corona virus pandemic and the continuous demand for a safe haven asset.

Conclusion: Buy Gold and Aim for a 5% Allocation of your Investment Portfolio in the Yellow Metal

In my view since we got a vaccine announcement for corona pandemic from Pfizer gold prices have softened. My advice will be to buy now aim to have a 5% allocation of your total investment in gold.

This asset is pulling back from its highs. However, it could be creating a cup and handle form, which could send rates climbing much higher.

As is taking place already this year, that corona calamity triggered the central banks to increase their money printing. That then makes gold a remarkable investment.

It’s also one of the least risky investments out there. Gold is considered an asset, which is always in big demand, either for its uses in electronics or for jewellery, not to mention that it’s in demand from investors and central banks.


Author: Sanjay Kalsi, Gemologist, Founder of JD Solitaire.