13 Problems all Jewellery Buyer face?

  • Is the diamond real or manmade?
  • Is the diamond quality same as what you are told?
  • Is the diamond price Right?
  • Are you getting the Gold karatage, what you are being told and paying for?
  • Is the hallmarking real or fake?
  • Over 69% of the Gold jewellery sold in the market does not carry all the 4 hallmarking stamps?
  • Are you getting the true value for your old gold that you wish to exchange?
  • Over 79% Jewellery sold in the market includes the weight of stones in the Gold Jewellery?
  • Is there transparent tagging/breakup being offered?
  • Are you getting a G.S.T paid invoice?
  • Is there a clear cut exchange or return policy?
  • Are there sufficient designs to choose from?
  • Are you getting a world class buying experience?