The Romance of Valentine's Day with Diamonds

Diamonds indeed are one of mother earth’s simplest yet most completed forms of natural beauty comprised of just one element, carbon. Just like diamonds, Love is the purest feeling of natural affection between two humans consists of only one element, desire. Real diamonds are rare, yet the fake ones are everywhere. Likewise, finding one partner who will take away your breath can prove to be very hard. Sometimes the one thing you are looking for is the one thing you can’t see. In this month of love, I want you to make your moments special with diamonds, show your love with solitaires.

They always say that a diamond is a girl’s best friend and I agree with them, I mean which kind of girl wouldn’t want to be surprised with a diamond necklace or rather a diamond ring. The diamond itself represents love, and everyone wants a gift that makes their loved ones happy. Moving forward diamonds are also believed to have pretty good luck and who wants the people they cherish to be out of luck, guess what, the answer is always known why to waste your money on something else when all you need to do to gear up the chance is buy them anything with some diamond on it, come on diamond is all you’ll need. When we’re in love, all we need for our loved ones is positivity and success, so my dear people diamonds take the negativity spaces and fills it with lots of creativity, strength, and success, so go for it probably everyone is going for it what are you waiting for.

Diamonds are like flames that never go off, imagine giving it to your loved one so that he or she may shine and brighten their way to success and most of all make them stronger because, with that much light, darkness isn’t going to scare them and so they are going to focus and do better just like someone working in broad daylight. Remember, diamonds are meant only for winners, so you do need to make your loved one's winners, so it’s high time you get them diamonds because if they win, you’re going to fly together with them.

According to a new poll, all us womenfolk want for valentine’s is a beautiful piece of diamond that we will forever be looking at and thinking of you, as I said earlier diamonds are rare and who would ever forget a person who issued them with the most unique gift in the world, personally, I would dream about you every night, the feeling I would have for you is something no one would ever take away. A quarter of the women questioned as part of the survey admitted that they’d love it if their partner did something that their female friends would get jealous of and do you an idea of what makes women super jealous of their girlfriend’s relationship well its seeing that piece of diamond hanging around their girl’s body part after a romantic day out. That alone would make another woman wish they had such a thoughtful boyfriend rather than going for a romantic dinner, taking pictures, and going back home with nothing to show off.

This goes to everyone who knows that their girls are pretty and delightfully gorgeous, add more beauty and light in your baby girl and trust me you’re going to hold her soft hands in the streets with no fear or no shame because I wonder who would hide a diamond when its possession alone makes us go crazy. People with diamonds seem to work really well under pressure and eventually win coming out much stronger, so diamonds can do a lot of guiding its holders to nerve give up working hard and smart, I mean go for it and let's win even if the pressure is too much.  

Do you believe that your loved ones are born to shine, then try giving them diamonds to strengthen them, imagine diamonds adds strength and courage, and now nothing is going to stop them from shining, do you have that loved one who always feel crushed and meaningless in life give them some diamonds to remind them that it comes out of a crushed rock with all that beauty, now tell them the hard life in them is going to turn out well just like the diamond they now possess from zero to hero. 

I find it hard to believe that diamonds didn’t once go hand in hand with love and marriage, but we have De Beers to thank for the diamond’s eventual dominance. With its 1947 campaign, [A Diamond Is Forever] De Beers made diamonds synonymous with the contract of marriage –unbreakable and precious. Thereafter lots of people used a piece of diamond to declare love to their loved ones, and in return, their loved ones returned the favor by giving their all in the relationship. I know it sounds like magic right

All in all, the significance of the love that is brought about by a diamond and the fact that it touches our skin means that diamonds themselves become imbued with the special memories and is a direct link between generations. Diamonds connect our memorable love story to those that will come after that. This might have rooted from Greek’s belief that cupid who is believed to be the god of desire, affection and erotic love has diamond-tipped arrows which has a magic to draw hearts together and to inspire romantic love.

Diamonds resemble love and affection, it’s shiny and pretty just like what we need for our loved ones, not forgetting of how it’s found by crushing rocks so to mean those who have lost hope are not left behind, indeed diamonds are the perfect gift for the people who we love and care for therefore make your moments special this valentine with diamonds and don’t forget to show your love with solitaires.

Author: Sanjay Kalsi, Gemologist, Founder of JD Solitaire.