White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold & Platinum.

When shopping for engagement rings for women, it is very important for couples to remember that the setting and metal that they choose is a personal decision. That being said, each of the four most popular metals used in engagement rings have their own pros and cons. Understanding how these metals look and the benefits that they offer will make it much easier for a couple to choose the best engagement ring when shopping.

What to Know About White Gold

This mixture of white metals and pure gold generally has a rhodium coating to help protect the ring and ensure that the white appearance looks great. It’s an affordable option for anyone who loves the look of platinum, but who simply can’t afford the higher price tag. Additionally, since it is alloyed with strong metals, it is much more durable than traditional yellow gold, which means that it can last for a long time without breaking or being damaged.

Some of the downsides of white gold include that it has to be dipped on a regular basis to ensure that it looks its best. This will replace the rhodium plating and ensure that the white gold has a bright color and plenty of luster. Another common issue with white gold is that nickel is often included in the alloy, and some women are allergic to nickel. This metal is not hypoallergenic unless the alloy specifically includes metals other than nickel.

What to Know About Yellow Gold

Made from pure gold that is mixed with alloys such as zinc or copper, yellow gold is an incredibly popular option and is considered very traditional. Out of the three gold colors, it is the most hypoallergenic, and the least likely to cause a reaction. It’s also a pure color that is very easy to maintain, and since it is so malleable and easy to work with, jewelers can easily create custom rings.

Yellow gold does need to be polished on a regular basis to look its best, and since it is so malleable, it can easily dent and scratch. Women who work with their hands or who are particularly hard on their rings may want to avoid yellow gold for this reason.

What to Know About Rose Gold

There are many different shades of rose gold that women can choose from. It’s a more modern metal that is recently seeing a surge in popularity thanks to its use in engagement rings for women. It’s a mixture of gold and copper, with redder rose gold having a higher amount of copper in it. Many people think that it is a very romantic color thanks to the reddish hue that it has, and others love it because it is so affordable. Since copper is so strong, this type of gold is one of the most durable options on the market.

Rose gold has some cons, however. It’s not a hypoallergenic metal, and it is known to cause allergic reactions in some people. Additionally, even though it is growing in popularity, it is not nearly as common or easy to find as the three other main metals used in jewelry. This means that women who want a rose gold ring may have to look harder and longer to find one.

What to Know About Platinum

Platinum is a metal that is naturally white and is almost indistinguishable from white gold in terms of its appearance. It’s a great option for any woman who needs a hypoallergenic ring, as it is not likely to cause rashes or to irritate the skin. It’s a bit more durable than white gold, and won’t require quite as much upkeep and care as white gold does, which is great for busy women who don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for their ring.

There are a few downsides to platinum, just like with any other type of metal. It’s a much more expensive metal, and it is significantly more expensive than white gold, even though they look the same. It will also get scratched and dull over time, which means that it will need to be cleaned and polished; however, the upkeep generally doesn’t take very long and doesn’t need to occur as often as with white gold.

These four popular metals are all great choices for engagement rings for women. Part of the decision that women need to make stems on what color they want their ring to be, but they also have to think about the price they are willing to pay, the durability of the metal, and how much upkeep it will require throughout the life of the ring. Careful research and decision making is key in choosing the best ring and ensuring that it will fit her life and personality, and I, Sanjay Kalsi at J D Solitaire, can help. Contact Me:- 9810010950