Olocker, future of Jewellery

Jewellery Insurance is available with olocker subscription

Main Benefits

  • Make your valuables safe & secure
  • Covered by India’s leading insurance company
  • Keep complete account of your valuables anywhere, anytime at your fingertips
  • Hassle free easy claim settlement
  • Jewellery during transit is secure
  • Risk cover remains the same for loved ones

Your Jewellery’s safety is a click away.

O-locker helps you protect and secure your valuables so that you can breathe easy and roam freely. As they say, flaunt it, if you go it.

It’s a custom that people purchase jewellery but live in fear of loss or theft and keep it in their bank lockers. They refrain from using or wearing it. We help you enjoy what you own.

Why wear artificial jewellery? Relax and keep smiling as your valuable’s safety is our responsibility.

People are usually oblivious & ignorant of the worth of their assests.

Now also maintain digital records of Jewellery you own. O-Locker takes care of your values and tradition , in a modern way.