Easy EMI options for buying of your favourite Jewellery is now available at JD Solitaire.

Eligibility criteria and a few Important Terms and conditions :

  • Applicable For salaried customers only.
  • Applicable range of Jewellery Purchase between Rs. 20000/- to 600000/- only.
  • Eligibility for the loan application would be based on customer's CIBIL score and we would assist in getting the loan.
  • Related documents like ID, Address Proof, Pan card , aadhar card, bank statement and salary slip is essential to avail the facility.
  • Rate of interest would depend on your CIBIL score between 8 to 14 percent
  • Minimum Tenure of EMI is 3 Months and Maximum Tenure 60 Months
  • Please visit our store for more detailed information and better assistance.


Olocker, future of Jewellery

Jewellery Insurance is available with olocker subscription

Main Benefits

  • Make your valuables safe & secure
  • Covered by India’s leading insurance company
  • Keep complete account of your valuables anywhere, anytime at your fingertips
  • Hassle free easy claim settlement
  • Jewellery during transit is secure
  • Risk cover remains the same for loved ones

Your Jewellery’s safety is a click away.

O-locker helps you protect and secure your valuables so that you can breathe easy and roam freely. As they say, flaunt it, if you go it.

It’s a custom that people purchase jewellery but live in fear of loss or theft and keep it in their bank lockers. They refrain from using or wearing it. We help you enjoy what you own.

Why wear artificial jewellery? Relax and keep smiling as your valuable’s safety is our responsibility.

People are usually oblivious & ignorant of the worth of their assests.

Now also maintain digital records of Jewellery you own. O-Locker takes care of your values and tradition , in a modern way.

FAQ for leaflet

What is O-locker and how does it benefit user?
With O-locker subscription you get, for the first ever time:
  • One year protect for your precious jewellery through insurance coverage
  • Access to secured digital repository allowing you to digitise and manage your jewellery
  • Other benefits which O-locker will make available to its subscriber from time to time.
  • Jewellery is protected against common place occurrence like snatching, theft, housebreaking, terrorism, loss during transit and variety of natural calamities.
  • For more details please visit documents section on our website www.olocker.in
  • Losses incurred due to any negligence in usage for an example-leaving jewellery unattended in a vehicle, handling over the jewellery to unknown persons, forgetting jewellery in an auto, etc.
  • Losses resulting from the defects due to manufacturer or retailer or for an example-falling of diamond from a jewellery.
  • Losses from mysterious or unexpected situations for an example-having no idea about jewellery’s whereabouts or disappeared jewellery.
  • Losses when jewellery is not in possession of you or your family members. For an example- losses while jewellery is kept in a bank locker or with a pawn broker.
  • Family members include all your blood relatives.
  • Losses due to some Government action such as confiscation by income tax department.
  • Losses due to act of enemy nation, war or war like situation.
  • Normal wear-tear & depreciation
  • For more details kindly visit document section of ourwebsite www.olocker.in
  • You will need to contact our helpdesk at 9920888308or write to us at our email id-assist@olocker.ininform us about your loss. Our executive will guide you further.
  • You must lodge a FIR within 48hours of event and inform us within 7 days of event. Idealy you should lodge a FIR and inform us without delay.
  • You must have original invoice of your jewellery purchase for lodging a claim.
  • You will be entitled to receive the lower of replacement value. To calculate replacement value for precious metals, market value will be used.
  • Making charges-can be maximum 10% of the above value.
  • The amount of claim will be above amounts adjusted for excess of 5%.