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A Stylish Guide for Men’s Jewellery to Wear in 2023

No matter what the trends suggest, it is important to wear jewellery that you love and that is true to your heart. Jewellery is a concept that is predominantly believed to belong to women. But, history states otherwise! A famous portrait by Hans Holbein projects Henry VIII (the impressive Tudor monarch) decked with Jewels, Pearls, …

JD Solitaire: Your One-Stop Shop For Those Awesome Jewels

One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art- Oscar Wilde Jewellery is a symbol of luxury and extravagance. This flourishing industry has grown by leaps and bounds to provide a plethora of options to accommodate the needs of the buyers. In contrast to ancient times when feathers and bones …

Steal the Spotlight with the Latest Solitaire Jewellery

When questioned about how women wish to be proposed, a repetitive answer pops up: “The man must bend on his knee and propose to the woman of his dreams with a solitaire ring!” But what is a solitaire? Is it only used for rings? Why has it become a symbol of eternal love? Let’s find …


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